Women’s Day

March 8 marks the day for women – the international women’s day. Take this opportunity to inspire women in your life by sending them your inspiring women’s day messages and women’s day wishes. In our collection of women’s day greetings, we include popular women’s day quotes and women’s day SMS for more convenient greeting. Feel free to browse and share!

She’s not Cinderella, but still, treat her like a Princess.
Give her a happy ending she deserves.
Let’s celebrate ladies!
It’s International Women’s Day!

Beyonce asked, ‘Who run the world?’
GIRLS! We don’t just run it, we rule it!
Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies out there!

Someday, when the right time comes,
I will ‘marry a princess and make her my queen.’
Happy Women’s Day to my princess!

A ‘monthly visitor’,
a 9-months of conceiving,
and the excruciating pain of giving birth.
I couldn’t say more how you can bare it all.
I sincerely salute all the women of the globe!

You just smile and the world changes.
What a wonderful creature you are!

Even though I don’t understand you at times,
I still understand that without you,
I am nothing.
I love you to the bones!

Cheers to that one thing why men still exist, WOMAN!
Happy Women’s Day to every ladies of the world

Just like the flowers in a dump field, you make this world a beautiful place to live.
Heads up pretty! Be proud to be a woman!

Despite failures, she stands up.
Despite sorrow, she cheers up.
Despite the pain, she fights!
No one could be as stronger as she.

Ranting about her being hard to understand?
Wait until you lose her, you will clearly understand.
What an effortless power a woman has!

She loves my Dad.
She takes care of us.
She makes our home surrounds with joy.
She is the strongest woman I know.